Fashion Show

VSFS 2012

It’s almost time! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just around the corner (I know we still got a month before we actually see the show, but compared to 11 months, less than a month is like what? Nothing? :D )! And I’m actually very excited to see the show, I don’t know why but I love it! This is so much more than just a fashion show, it really is a big deal! I think that I just love  that for one night everything is just OTT :D .  All the girls are beautiful, their make up and hair is done, they have those insane abs (hey, i’m happy with a flat, soft, not-so-toned-body…) and the outfits are just crazy! The energy is just making you feel good (no, there is no point in being jealous… It’s their job to look good, c’mon… But you can’t indeed do something about those long legs! You either have it, or you don’t. I don’t. Darn it.) But after I watch these shows I always promise myself to take better care of myself and it actually works! I can’t  wait to see Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr and they even have Cara Delevigne! (I totally love her). And I’m also curious for the music?

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